Information on rising natural gas prices and ways to save

Posted November 2021 - At Liberty, we have concerns for our customers about how rising natural gas prices may impact them this winter and beyond. As a regulated utility, our fuel costs are passed through to customers. We buy the natural gas we deliver to our customers on the open natural gas market. Liberty does not profit when market prices are high or low. Prices for natural gas in the U.S. have remained relatively stable for many years. However, this year, prices are more than double compared to last year. Below are some common questions and answers.

  •  Several factors are contributing to the price increase occurring in the U.S. and across the globe:

    • There is an increased demand for natural gas as the world recovers from the pandemic, while at the same time, production has remained flat or even declined.
    • Warmer temperatures across the U.S. this summer also contributed to higher demand, as many electric power plants are fueled by natural gas.
    • Hurricane Ida caused a steep decline in natural gas production in August 2021, which also caused a spike in prices.
    • Natural gas exports to Europe and Asia have increased.
    • In the Midwest, extreme winter weather and prolonged bitter cold in February 2021 led to record energy demand and fuel shortages. This caused natural gas prices to spike during that period.
  • While the U.S. and global natural gas market is not something that Liberty can control, there are steps we're taking to help manage the impact of natural gas prices on our customers:

    • To help protect customers from natural gas price spikes, we follow the markets carefully and purchase fixed-priced natural gas in advance when possible.
    • We use natural gas storage for a portion of our winter natural gas supply. This allows us to purchase fuel in advance and store it for future use.
    • To reduce the bill impact for customers, we requested to spread the recovery of the increased fuel costs from February 2021’s extreme winter weather event over several years rather than over 12 months, which is standard. That request was granted by the Missouri Public Service Commission for Liberty natural gas customers.


  • There are several ways customers can reduce their energy usage to save on their bill:

    • Heating and cooling your home accounts for the majority of your energy use. In the winter, set the heating thermostat as low as comfort permits. For instance, each degree above 68°F can add 3% to the amount of energy needed for heating. Turn down your thermostat 5 to 10 degrees at bedtime.
    • Replace your central heat/air filter once a month. Dirty filters restrict airflow, significantly increasing energy use.
    • Check to see if your attic and basement have the recommended levels of insulation. If not, add insulation.
  • Liberty offers programs and flexible payment arrangements and has access to community assistance agencies that help with utility bills and other assistance measures:

    • Sign up for Budget Billing, a Liberty program that allows customers to spread out payments over the year, avoiding seasonal fluctuations in their monthly gas bill.
    • We offer payment arrangements to help customers with past due balances.
    • We can connect customers to community assistance agencies that provide weatherization, utility bill, and rent assistance.
    • We also offer energy efficiency programs and rebates.

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