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Why Natural Gas - Residential - Missouri Gas - Liberty

Natural gas serves nearly 66.7 million homes throughout the United States. Start here to learn why so many homeowners are choosing safe, clean, and affordable natural gas.


The natural gas pipeline infrastructure is the nation's safest energy delivery system. Liberty Utilities has experienced personnel that routinely inspect and maintain natural gas service lines, and service crews who are available to respond to emergencies 24/7.

Convenient and Reliable 

Natural gas is piped directly to your home, eliminating the need to prepay for fuel, monitor fuel levels, and schedule deliveries.


Natural gas continues to be a competitive fuel source, most often having price stability.

Environmentally Friendly  

Natural gas is clean burning, making it the responsible choice for the environment and your family.


There are currently enough natural gas reserves to supply the United States for up to 150 years, and new reserves are discovered each year.


Natural gas can be used inside and outside your home. In addition to heating, it is great for cooking, drying clothes, powering generators, grilling, heating pools, and a host of other uses.


With most production occurring domestically, the natural gas industry helps to produce new U.S. jobs and promotes energy independence.

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Use this calculator to compare natural gas to other fuels, and discover the economical advantages of using natural gas in your home. 

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Why Natural Gas