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Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program

Our Missouri customers with incomes at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty levels — especially the elderly, the physically disadvantaged and families with children — may be eligible for home-weatherization assistance.

Weatherization can save natural gas users up to 30 percent on home heating costs. It can also help to lower other utility bills and make your home more comfortable. The typical improvements may include: reducing air leaks; increasing insulation in the walls, attic, floor and foundation; cleaning and tuning up the heating system; replacing the heating system; and making limited repairs to a home's structure.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development administers the state's Low-Income Weatherization Program. All the work is performed by qualified local contractors and is examined by a quality-control inspector from the Department of Economic Development to ensure completeness and quality of work.

To apply, contact your local weatherization agency by clicking on the county where you live on the map below. You will be asked to complete application forms and to verify your income. Once you qualify, an energy auditor will inspect your home to determine what steps will produce the most savings.


Find your local weatherization agency.

Liberty customers who qualify for weatherization also may qualify for energy assistance funds to help pay winter heating bills. 

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Weatherization Assistance