Maintain Chimneys and Flues

Liberty Utilities urges you to have a licensed heating contractor periodically inspect your chimneys and flue pipes for safe operation. Chimneys and flue pipes should be checked for soot, residue or any other obstructions that could disrupt the flow of escaping gases and cause improper venting of carbon monoxide (CO).


Keep Obstructions Away from Venting Systems

High efficiency furnaces, water heaters, and other energy-saving appliances may have exhaust vents that exit your building through an exterior wall rather than through a chimney. These vents can become blocked in the winter months by snow and ice, which can affect the safe operation of the appliance. Therefore, please ensure that all snow, ice and other obstructions are removed from your venting systems.


Check Plastic Pipe Venting Systems

Property owners should be aware that plastic pipe venting systems connected to some natural gas and propane furnaces, boilers and water heaters need to be inspected periodically in order to avoid potential safety hazards. In certain situations, pipes may crack or separate at the fittings, causing harmful fumes to enter the building. Please pay attention to the following details, which may affect you:

  • If the vent on your furnace, boiler, or water heater is plastic and was installed after 1987.
  • If one of these product names appears on plastic vent pipe:  Ultravent, Plex-Vent, or Sel-Vent.
  • If the plastic vent pipe says "HTPV" or "High-Temperature Plastic Vent Pipe."

If you suspect that your plastic pipe venting system may need to be inspected or replaced, contact a licensed heating contractor.

Additional information regarding hazards associated with these systems is available by contacting the contractor who installed your system or the following manufacturers’ help lines:

  • Ultravent - 1-800-758-3688
  • Plex-Vent- 1-800-758-3688
  • Sel-Vent - 1-800-848-2149

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