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Energy Efficiency Purpose

Our energy efficiency programs promote new technologies that will help customers to save energy. By offering rebates for certain energy efficient measures, we will protect the environment while helping customers reduce their energy bills.

Energy Efficiency Vision

Our vision for energy efficiency is to help our customers make smart energy choices that will reduce the impact that energy generation has on our environment.

Energy Efficiency Benefits

The benefits of our energy efficiency programs include rebates, reduced energy consumption, lower utility bills, and a reduction of carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency Program Highlights

We offer rebates for purchasing certain high efficiency appliances, heating and cooling systems, air sealing and insulation for residential customers, as well as numerous programs for commercial and industrial customers.

Energy Efficiency Program Statistics

In 2014 our customers put measures in place that will eliminate 142,000 metric tons of carbon emissions over the useful lifetime of the measures — the equivalent of taking 30,000 passenger vehicles off the road.

How Energy Efficiency Programs Work

Our programs are funded annually starting in January of each year and they are available until funding is depleted. Some of our programs require pre-qualification while others are available to all customers.

How Energy Efficiency Programs Are Funded

Our energy efficiency programs are funded through a small charge on your bill called the Distribution Adjustment Charge. This charge also collects funds to aid qualified low-income customers and environmental projects.

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Ways to Save