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Energize Liberty Utilities Homes - Residential - Missouri Gas - Liberty

Energize Liberty Homes

FEATURING a NEW and IMPROVED process that is easier and simpler for customers and contractors alike!

Liberty is offering customers in Missouri up to $5,000 in incentives to make your home more energy efficient.

Energize Liberty Utilities Homes allows you to recover money spent to upgrade your home. The rebates will vary depending on efficiency tiers described below.

Program Requirements

To get started, read through this page and download the documents below for full details.


For Participants


For Auditors


Who Qualifies

  • Missouri homeowners that have Liberty Utilities as their natural gas provider.
  • Homeowner must own and occupy a single or multi-family home.
  • New construction, mobile homes, new additions and major renovations of unconditioned spaces are not eligible.
  • The Terms and Conditions document provides a complete list of eligibility requirements.
  • The Energize Liberty Utilities Homes program cannot be combined with other Liberty Utilities or the State of Missouri rebate or home weatherization programs.
  • This is not a state funded program. Only Liberty residential customers are eligible.


Rebate Requirements

Rebate amounts for the Energize Liberty Homes program will vary depending on the level of energy efficiency achieved and eligible costs of the recommended upgrades you select.


Home Energy Audit

Program Requirement

Recommended upgrades by approved auditor
must meet minimum Tier 1 requirements.




100% of audit cost up to $500


Home Energy Saving Kit

Program Requirement

Installation of the home energy saving kit, as
deemed appropriate by qualified auditor.



Tier 1

Program Requirement

Recommended upgrades must achieve 10%    
natural gas savings through recommended
building shell measures only.


35% eligible project cost up to $2,000

Tier 2

Program Requirement

Recommended upgrades must achieve 20%    
natural gas savings. Recommended building
shell measures must be installed before
equipment upgrades.


50% of eligible project cost up to $5,000 


Step by Step Guide

Review the Frequently Asked Questions for program details. Then read and sign the Terms and Conditions.

Schedule a home energy audit with a qualified auditor.

Once your home energy audit is complete submit the Audit Summary Form and all required documents to EarthWays Center (EWC).

Start on your home improvement projects once you receive approval from EWC.

When the installation of your approved improvements is complete, contact your auditor to schedule a final inspection and verification of goal achievement.

Submit the Rebate Request Form and all required documents to EWC. Allow about 4 weeks to receive your rebate.

To reduce initial out-of-pocket costs, rebates can be transferred to an approved third party. Work with your auditor/contractor to figure out the details.


Call 1-877-474-6749 or email EarthWays Center (EWC) with any additional questions. Frequently Asked Questions and Checklist

Energize Liberty Utilities Homes