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High Efficiency Equipment Rebate - Residential - Missouri Gas - Liberty

Equipment Rebate

To maximize your rebate, be sure to check out additional Federal Tax Credit benefits of upgrading to more energy efficient appliances in your home.

Federal Tax Credit
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Let Us Pay You to Lower Your Energy Bills With High Efficiency Equipment

If you have been waiting to replace your home’s water heater or furnace, now is the time! Liberty is offering a rebate to our Missouri customers on the purchase of high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® natural gas home heating and water heating equipment.

Liberty High-Efficiency Gas Heating Specifications and Rebate Amounts:

Natural Gas Air Furnace

Efficiency Level           BTU Input           Rebate Amount
92% - 93% AFUE   30,000 or greater   $200.00
94% - 95% AFUE   30,000 or greater   $250.00
96% AFUE or greater   30,000 or greater   $300.00

Natural Gas Boiler

Efficiency Level           BTU Input           Rebate Amount
85% - 89% AFUE   30,000 or greater   $200.00
90% AFUE or greater   30,000 or greater   $300.00

Natural Gas Combination Water and Space Heating

Efficiency Level           BTU Input           Rebate Amount
0.62 EF or greater   40 gallon or greater   $450.00
85% AFUE or greater   30,000 or greater   $450.00

Natural Gas Tank Water Heater

Efficiency Level           BTU Input           Rebate Amount
0.67-0.81 EF   40 gallon or greater   $125.00

Natural Gas Tankless and Condensing Water Heater

Efficiency Level           BTU Input           Rebate Amount
0.82 EF or greater   N/A   $200.00

Programmable Thermostat

Efficiency Level           BTU Input           Rebate Amount
N/A   N/A   $25.00


Program Guidelines

Download a copy of the Missouri High-Efficiency Rebate Form

Please follow these guidelines to receive your rebate. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could delay or disqualify your application.

  • Applicant must be a Liberty customer located in Missouri and be served under the company's Residential Firm Service Rate or the Small Firm General Service Rate.
  • The rebate applies for natural gas equipment upgrades in an existing home or business served by Liberty or for the installation of natural gas equipment in a newly built home or business that will have service by Liberty.
  • Include a copy of a recent Liberty bill under the customer’s name and address listed with the rebate form.
  • A separate rebate form is required for each rebate requested (for example, if you purchased a qualifying water heater and furnace, submit a separate form for each.)
  • Incomplete rebate applications may delay or disqualify your rebate. Please keep a copy of the completed forms and all attachments for your records.
  • Email the completed form and required information to
  • Mail the Missouri High-Efficiency Rebate Installation and Verification Form (PDF) and required information to:

P.O. Box 2528
Manchester, CT 06045

Download Rebate Form

Email Documents

For questions regarding the rebate process, call EFI at 1-877-333-9965.

  • Rebate checks will be issued approximately 8 to 10 weeks after receipt of all required paperwork.
  • Any and all equipment associated with this rebate must be installed in compliance with required local, state, and federal codes. Any tests or inspections that may be required for the verification of such are the responsibility of the customer or installing contractor.
  • Funding for this program may be limited. Eligible rebate applications will be processed pending available funds.

Additional Financial Incentives

Liberty customers/homeowners may be able to claim additional financial help when purchasing energy efficient natural gas appliances and other home improvement items. Be sure to review equipment efficiency standards for each offer, as efficiency standards may vary.

State and local incentives could also apply. To find out more, click on your state at


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High Efficiency Equipment Rebate